Audio-Visual Systems

Audio Visual Systems

We provide sophisticated audio-visual systems using high quality audio equipment with the best projectors and video technology, to ensure the end user has the best tools available to communicate with their audience. Our AV systems can also be fully integrated with room control systems which we supply.

The right audio-visual system should do precisely what you need it to do, which is why we conduct a thorough needs analysis for each of our clients. Our system designs and installations incorporate the highest quality technology and we use our 35 years of industry experience to offer tailored solutions to our clients’ audio-visual requirements.

Clayton Communications Zambia’ design philosophy is to develop solutions that take the complexities out of using technology. Our audio-visual solutions are easy to use, manage and maintain, giving the end user easy access to their audio-visual system’s full array of features.

Boardroom AV


We use the highest quality projectors to deliver bright, sharp images to help the user communicate effectively with their audience. Clayton Communications Zambia also supply the latest interactive projectors which add dynamism to live events, presentations, training sessions and other applications.

Video projectors are widely used for conference room presentations, classroom training, home theatre and live events applications. Amplifiers and speakers can be connected to the projector or laptop, providing comprehensive solutions to your audio-visual requirements.

Control Systems

Our room control systems provide users with a multitude of options when it comes to controlling the room environment. Control over motorised projector screens, room lighting, temperature levels, music and volumes, camera feeds etc can all be controlled from the boardroom table or from a wall panel.

Our brushed aluminium boardroom pop up/tilt units lie flush with boardroom tables, providing an attractive solution which integrates HDMI, network, audio, VGA and AC power connections directly into your boardroom table. The flush-mount design allows you to hide connections by closing the lid when in use and easily access them when needed by pressing on the top panel. Programmable control panels can also be installed into the units so the room can be controlled from the table.

Please Contact Us if you have any queries about our audio-visual and room control systems or wish to discuss anything further.

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