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Audio Conference Systems

From small intimate meetings to conferences with hundreds or even thousands of delegates, we have the best solutions for every type of conference requirement. Our conference systems can be supported with software that allows attendee registration and access control, digital recording, parliamentary voting, and language interpretation with wireless infrared language distribution. The systems are easily integrated with cameras and can be connected for broadcast across the conference venue or to remote locations. Chairperson and delegate units vary from installed wired systems, installed flush-mount systems, and wireless systems that are portable and can be used across multiple venues.

Our conferencing solutions allow us to integrate various forms of video: Using voice-activated technology we can programme cameras to automatically pan and tilt to the delegate unit of the person speaking, with the images broadcast to multiple screens within the conference venue and/or to breakaway rooms or press galleries.


Video Conference Systems

Video conference

 Video conferencing solutions have met the growing demand for long-distance communication within organisations by providing two-way video and audio transmissions. Certain video conference systems also allow for the sharing of content (such as spreadsheets and presentation materials) during meetings, and for users to call single or multiple sites simultaneously. This technology has experienced massive demand thanks to the savings on travel time and expense that users benefit from. It also enables improvements in communication with customers and business partners, thereby assisting with managing strategic relationships.


Solutions in Practice

Clayton Communications has consulted end users on many conference systems, and supervised numerous installations to ensure our customers’ highest expectations are met. End users of our conference systems have included local, regional and provincial municipalities, government departments, corporations, and international organisations.

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