Public Address for Churches and Places of Worship

Church public address

The variations in the architecture, size, and content of places of worship provide a specific set of acoustic challenges to the design and installation of public address and sound systems. We give particular consideration to factors such as cable routing, the positioning of devices and controls, building materials, and the height of buildings – all to ensure that the address system is effective as well as aesthetically appropriate.

What We Do

Clayton Communications Zambia bring our design and installation experience to offer a range of audio solutions for all denominations, including full design and support of public address systems and upgrades of current systems where required. Getting to know our customers’ unique requirements is imperative to us providing a high-quality, functional, cost-effective and personalised solution to your audio needs.

We are experienced in working within places of worship and our technicians will always be suitably respectful and considerate when working in these surroundings. It is our aim to build long-term relationships with all our clients, and we seek to achieve this with superior customer service both throughout the installation and as an after-sales service.

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