Public Address for Shops and Restaurants

Shop public address

Retailers are very aware of the importance of creating an enjoyable shopping environment for their customers. Carefully selected background music is known to optimise the customer experience, whilst also providing staff with a pleasant working environment. Integrated public address systems allow for easy and streamlined communication (overriding background music), in turn allowing for effective and efficient customer service.

What We Do

Clayton Communications Zambia bring our design and installation experience to offer a range of audio solutions for all types of shops and restaurants, including full design and support of public address systems and upgrades of current systems where required. Getting to know our customers’ unique requirements is imperative to us providing a high-quality, functional, cost-effective and personalised solution to your audio needs. Our systems are scalable across multiple floors, zones and rooms, and range from standard voice announcement to fully integrated systems complete with background music and voice alarm systems.

Solutions in Practice

Clayton Communications are proud to have worked with some of South Africa’s largest and most successful retailers, supermarkets, and chain stores. From our first public address, intercom, and background music installation for Clicks stores in 1978, we have subsequently worked with big name brands including Dions, OK, Game, Checkers, Joshua Doore, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Incredible Connection, Makro and Woolworths.

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