Public Address for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Clayton Communications Zambia can offer educational establishments a variety of audio solutions for different applications, including:

  • Sound systems for lecture theatres
  • Public address systems in classrooms and corridors for announcements, voice evacuation and class change signals
  • Sound systems in auditoriums for drama productions and/or general presentations
  • Sound systems in gymnasiums and sports facilities
  • Intercoms and public address systems in student unions and halls of residence
  • Sound systems in chapels and places of worship
  • Conference systems in meeting rooms
  • Portable public address systems for sports days, fetes and other outdoor events.


What We Do

Our system designers integrate quality equipment with efficient, functional and scalable designs that range from standard public address systems through to complex, fully integrated systems complete with health and safety-compliant Voice Alarm Systems.


Audio-Visual Technology

Audio-conferencing and a range of Audio Visual Technology can be installed in classrooms,auditoriums, halls, lecture theatres, conference facilities and boardrooms to enhance classes and lectures. Whether you are looking to upgrade, revamp or install your first integrated sound system in new buildings, we are confident that we can provide you with a superior design, equipment and service.

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