Public Address for Sports and Leisure Venues

Stadium Public Address

 Sports stadia require a mix of different sound systems and applications, including high powered pitch-side public address systems. These systems are often used to play music at very loud volume levels, so the public address equipment at pitch-side must be of exceptionally high quality. Stadiums also use general public address and voice alarm systems for walkways and exit points, to help control the flow of spectators into and out of the stadium, especially in emergencies.

Gym sound system

Other sports and leisure venues may not have as demanding requirements, but sound systems in these venues can be just as important. Gyms and health clubs usually use loud music to help motivate their members during their exercise routines. These systems need high grade equipment to reproduce music at a good quality even at loud volume.

What We Do

Clayton Communications Zambia design, supply and support all types of public address systems used in sports stadia. Our high-quality amplifiers and line array speakers allow for exceptional sound quality for pitch-side audio broadcasts. Our public address and voice alarm evacuation systems are compliant with the most stringent safety standards (European EN-54 standards), to ensure sound quality and system reliability in emergencies. For smaller sports venues we supply compact sound equipment that provides excellent sound quality even at high volumes.

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