Access Control and Identity Management

Access Control

 Access control and identity management are the cornerstones of any security system and, when designed and installed correctly, will only allow authorised personnel access to a restricted facility. More advanced systems relay access information to a database where these records are stored for live information (to check the present whereabouts of personnel) and also stored for future retrospective references and checks.

What We Do 

Clayton Communications Zambia supply access control systems that use PIN’s, keycards, biometric readers, or a combination of all three to verify identity and control access to buildings and facilities. Access control can be significantly strengthened by integrating these systems with CCTV video monitoring, security doors and instrusion detection, and Clayton Communications Zambia offer complete turnkey solutions for our security systems, interfacing systems with management software that handles each product. Our access control systems are highly secure, easy to use and we offer full training on installation and programming.

Clayton Communications Zambia offer comprehensive service and maintenance level plans on all of our products. This helps security and facility managers to budget for the maintenance and operational costs of their access control installations, and ensures that the systems are maintained in fully operational condition and no security is compromised.

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