Clayton Communications has 35 years experience in the supply, installation and repair of intercom systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We provide a range of audio and video intercom products for use in a variety of industry sectors including offices, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, private practice, factories, warehouses and plants, as well as for private residential premises.

Intercom systems allow for identity verification of visitors to a controlled facility and can easily be integrated with other access control systems, CCTV and intruder detection. Clayton Communications Zambia design and supply intercom systems of all sizes, from small basic analogue units to digital systems and more advanced larger systems that use IP (internet protocol) and phone networks.

IP Intercom

IP intercoms are suitable for facilities with requirements for large intercom systems, and who have an existing IP network structure. Suitable applications include large offices, education institution, shopping centres, military and airports. It is straightforward to integrate the IP intercoms to the existing network backbone, and saves on a lot of man hours needed to trench, run and manage cable. Network intercoms also provide greater functionality and can be easily expanded in the future wherever required. Maintenance and configuration changes of the system can both be easily handled from remote locations.

Our specialist intercoms include explosion-proof substations (suitable for mines and heavy industry), vandal-resistant equipment (suitable for prisons), and weather-resistant equipment (suitable for outdoor installations).

Our residential intercoms provide elegant security systems for the home. Italian styling coupled with high quality audio and video technology provide effective and reliable security whilst maintaining the integrity of the interior design.

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 Residential intercom

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